the art of soulful living

the art of soulful living

the art of soulful livingthe art of soulful livingthe art of soulful living

About Me

living a life with passion and purpose


As a Registered Nurse/ Certified Coach Practitioner/Mindfulness Facilitator/, my mission is to work with individuals to provide continuous improvement and personal growth in their lives.  I truly have a passion to support others in their life journey of reaching their full potential and creating a purposeful, soulful way of living.

My three decades of experience in the medical field in a multitude of clinical settings has brought invaluable inisght into the mind, body, spirit connection.  I have seen firsthand the benefits of a holistic approach to health and the effects the power of our minds have on our ability to heal.  

Through creative workshops, lifestyle transition programs and individual sessions, my passion is to assist others in designing the life of their dreams.  Providing tools and resources to help others discover what already lies within and see it manifest into a beautiful soulful journey is the greatest reward from my work.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Lisa Westerman, RN, CCP